Thank you for your interest in employment with Chemeketa Community College. The following information is designed to help you successfully complete your application to receive full consideration for the position you are applying for.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, we encourage you to contact us at the Human Resources office prior to submitting your application. We can be contacted by phone at 503.399.5009 or e-mail.

Completing the Application Form

A detailed application form is required. A resume does not substitute a completed application. Only applications that clearly demonstrate that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the position will be considered. Carefully review the minimum qualifications, core competencies and preferred qualifications listed in the announcement. Make sure that you address how your experience relates to the position and listed knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Dates of employment and hours worked

Dates of employment and hours worked are essential in determining whether an applicant meets the minimum length of experience required for the position. Applications that do not contain a quantifiable number of hours worked per week may not be considered.

If you worked in a position that had a flexible work schedule, an average number of hours worked per week may be utilized. For example: hours that varied between 10 and 30 hours per week may be listed as 20 hours per week on the application.

Duties and responsibilities

Take into consideration that we receive a considerable number of applications for each recruitment. Therefore, it is very important that you make your application easy to read, and clearly demonstrate the relationship between the duties and tasks you have accomplished in prior positions and the position you are applying for.

Your application form and cover letter are probably the most important documents that you will be providing to support your candidacy. Make sure that your application materials illustrate everything that you would like the search committee to know about your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities as related to the position. In reviewing applications, committee members can only take into consideration the information that you provide on your application materials. They will not try to guess, for example, what your accomplishments were when you worked as an administrative assistant.

Required Documents

The documents required with the online application form are listed in the announcement under the "supplemental information" section. All of the listed documents must be provided at the time of application, they cannot be substituted for other documents, and must meet the specifications of the announcement. Documents that do not meet the specifications listed in the announcement will not be considered and the application will be refused. We do not provide exceptions and no applicant will receive special treatment.

We ask applicants to only attach the documents listed in the announcement as additional documents will not be considered.

What if I attach the documents but the system doesn't let me finish the application?

The required documents must be attached in the specific attachment place holder. Otherwise, the system will not recognize the document being attached. From the list of possible documents, make sure that you select the correct document title. For example, if the posting requires a resume, make sure that you attach a resume in the resume attachment field from the list of documents. The system will not recognize the type of document you attached if you simply name it "resume."

Academic transcript from non-US institutions

For academic credentials from non-U.S. institutions, the applicant will need to include a credential evaluation. Click here for a list of institutions that provide evaluation services. Chemeketa does not endorse any of these agencies and the list is maintained by an outside organization.

Supplemental Questions

The on-line system is programmed to verify that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the position and could possibly disqualify an application depending on a response. The College does not and will not correct mistakes applicants may have made in their answers to these questions.

Open-ended questions are used to assess how the applicant's experience and knowledge relates to the position. Please be specific, thorough and concise in answering these questions.


Applications must be submitted by the deadline. We encourage you to submit the application in advance and contact us if you experience any challenges.