Chemeketa Community College provides a unique opportunity to make a difference. Our vision is to transform lives and communities through exceptional learning experiences. We truly believe that every position at the college helps support the work we do in transforming our community.
Chemeketa students at counseling session

Reviews from our past and current employees and students reveals Chemeketa to be a rewarding place to work:

  Great place to work.
Training & Development Coordinator/Lead (Current Employee) Salem, OR - March 27, 2012

Chemeketa has been my employer for 13 years and has given me the fantastic opportunity to grow as an individual and an employee. I was given the creative freedom to think outside the box and the incentive to push myself to be a better employee.

  A college that opens doors.
Paid Tutor (Former Employee) Salem, OR - October 06, 2013

For an aspiring engineer this community college gave a calm environment to learn. It also gave opportunities to volunteer and share the information that the student learned in the tutoring center. If a student has the passion to assist others in their education, the tutoring center is the place to go.


Our campuses and centers are located in the heart of the Willamette Valley.

Portland is the bedroom community for many of our faculty and staff. Carpooling is very common and has allowed employees to work at Chemeketa and live in one of Oregon's most vibrant cities.

"My family and I were attracted to the beauty of the Willamette Valley - close to the mountains, ocean and farms. We decided to live in Portland because we also enjoy what a larger city has to offer. I commute from SW Portland. The drive each way is 36 highway miles and takes just 35 minutes. Because most I-5 commuters are driving into Portland in the morning and out of Portland in the afternoon, I am driving against the flow and never sit in traffic. There are numerous Chemeketa faculty and staff who live in Portland area and have formed carpools, as well."
Cathy Busha   Human Services Instructor and Diversity Coordinator
"A commute from Portland to Salem takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on where in Portland you live. If you live on the west side it will take less time- typically under an hour. If you live on the east side it will take longer. The further away from the city you live, typically the longer the commute. Many faculty live in Portland and are willing to carpool. This saves miles on your car and gas money too. Coming back to Portland from Salem takes approximately the same amount of time as traffic will be headed in the opposite direction."
Christopher MacLean   Psychology Instructor

Our region is also an attraction for the outdoor enthusiasts. We enjoy some of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in the Unites States. Hiking trails, skiing, climbing, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting are minutes to a couple of hours away. The Oregon coast is about 90 minutes away and is breathtaking.